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It has been 5 years since I last logged into this site.  If anyone still remembers me (Aaryn) send me an email at prouddogg@aol.com.  

Aight this is pic of the week. I'm so freakin sorry Ginj I didnt have time to post this pic in time *sob* I havent even played in about a week cuz I've been so busy */slap myself*

If you guys want to add pics along with Ginji, Setiyoto, Darkfusion, Mycah, Pimpim, Bloodtypeb, Mimmo, Cristoir, and me, E-mail it to me and i'll put it up. I got Fan Art, LS member pics and other random stuff over there <<--- so enjoy ppl ^^ oh and if you want the pic just click on it, wait for the other window, and press "Save picture as..." You can save my pic and lick the screen later lol theres no shame in it. ADD COMMENTS PLZ!! I want to know what to improve on for the site. 

 Pix Of The Week



"I'm so late with this pic..."


"I think I'm a better artist than Ginji lol :)"


"This is the only talent that Pimpim possess lol :P drawing a box of crackers"


I'll put forms ASAP (you can write anything)

Email address: (optional)

Name: Gayman
Comment: i agree with kelly what school do u go to ginji. you can get my number to.

Name: Kelly
Comment: wow you guys seem so funny ^^. and that gin wat school do you go to? your cute, if we meet up i can give you my number

Name: anon
Comment: damn that pimp is hot.

Name: Damien Foo
Comment: Man what a wonderful website.I love it all keep up the great work.Dont change nothing but adding those pictures.

Name: Mimmo
Comment: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i love u gin

Name: Damien Foo #2
Comment: Man your moving on up in websites.NOOOOOO! ! ! ! ! ! !You took away the table.Y???????Owell.life goes on.you know?You Know?FOO.Damien out^^

Name: dark
Comment: damn G, didnt kno u roll so deep with u and ur crew. . .its kool tho. . .u aint gonna lie jus to kick it bro. . .we kno ur thuggin. . .move them keys over to da midwest also bro. . .gotta alot of customers waiting! ! !  lmao